Thursday, May 27, 2010


OK, last week my darling daughter busted me for wasting time on Facebook, but right after that I connected with someone on that social network that I haven’t seen or talked to since the 1980s. Seeing her pictures and reading her notes to me the past few days have brought back fond memories of this lovely lady whom God used as a spiritual mentor in my life back when I was a young bride with small children, struggling to survive life in the cold Northwoods where my husband had dumped me and told me to stay! (I’m kidding, honey.)

Connecting with this woman and remembering her influence in my life (albeit through that “manipulating thief” Facebook) has caused me to reflect upon the many people whom God has used over the years to teach me about Himself and to draw me into a closer relationship with Him.

Of course it began with my parents who made sure I was in Sunday school and church every week – if there was a blizzard, we had church at home! I had two grandmothers whose Bibles I remember taking peeks at as a youngster. I had an older sister who, when I got off-course during my teen years, often reminded me that she was praying for me. And of course there have been many pastors and teachers over the years who shared their knowledge and wisdom with me.

My list of influences could go on indefinitely, and sadly, I’m afraid I’ve probably forgotten many of those who have touched my life along the way. Who’s to say something somebody said to me about Jesus when I was a child registered and stuck, although I have no conscious recollection of that moment?

We don’t know the influence we have on others.

I remember a man who used to greet little children by saying, “Hello. Jesus sure gave you pretty eyes.” Something so simple could begin the process of wondering and questioning and seeking and ultimately finding this Jesus – who gives pretty eyes.

It’s important to grab hold of opportunities to share Jesus with others. It doesn’t have to be a sermon preached with great fervor. It needs only be sincere and motivated in love.

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